Eye Liner & Eye Lash Enhancement

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Eyelash enhancement involves placing a fine line between the eyelashes that will make your eyelashes look fuller.

Eye liner brightens and adds definition to the eyes. It can be applied in classical black, dark brown, charcoal for blonds, or fashion colors such as blue, green or purple. We also offer two-toned eye liner.


Eye Lash Enhancement (initial visit) – $300

Upper Eye Liner (initial visit) – $350

Lower Eye Liner (initial visit) – $250

Upper and Lower Liner Package (when performed during 1 visit) – $450

Shaded Upper Eye Liner (initial visit) – $400

Eye Shadow (initial visit)  – $450

Permanent makeup is a two step procedure. For the best result there is a mandatory follow up visit within 4-8 weeks  from the initial procedure depending on one’s age and type of skin. There is a $100 charge at a follow up visit for all the procedures. Prices above do not include focus visit.