Enhancing and Restoring Your Natural Beauty.

In modern society many of us have busy schedules and demanding lifestyles. How can we look our best at all times? Permanent makeup is a perfect solution. It’s a soft, natural looking enhancement of appearance for women of all ages.

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Eye Brows.

Eye brows may be the most overlooked yet most important beauty features of the face. They add expression and definition to our face and eyes. There are many people whose eye brows are too fair; others may have lost eye brow hairs with age or as a result of over waxing/ tweezing or a condition such as Alopecia.


What is permanent cosmetics?
Permanent cosmetics (also known as micro-pigmentation, permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoo) is a cosmetic technique of micro-implantation of coloring pigments into the dermal layer of skin for aesthetic purposes to produce designs that resemble makeup.